accreditation ib4p  International Board for Professionals


International Board for Professionals (IBP) has authorized thousands of ( Center, Institutes, Universities, forums, Colleges, Academies,,,,) worldwide with different levels (full, part) authorizations.

For more details about these or other IBP Authorized Centers please contact us

for your references, below are names of some approved centers from International Board for Professionals (IBP)
we select randomly some of them from different countries

Yank Training center Japan
Uze academy Namibia
Potaro academy Australia
Dismal institute Australia
Jacob & Ned Institute Canada
Nicky elements France
D & E Design KSA
Guide Mart / The Arab Center for Studies & research المركز العربي للدراسات والبحوث England
Robot technology Japan
ISTO coaching Frane
Canadian Center for Training & Consulting/ CCTD المركز الكندي للتدريب والاستشارات Canada
Recook institute Malaysia
promo mind academy اكاديمية برومو مايند England
Quinan Iran
Assyrian University Cyprus
Smart nag Spain
The Future Leaders Forum /FLF منتدى قادة المستقبل UAE
Law education Center USA
Wilson university USA
ATF Arab trainers forum منتدى المدربين العرب Algeria
Zorach knowledge Holland
Regus habitation Germany
Lucan institute Pakistan
the Egyptian academy for Training الاكاديمية المصرية للتدريب Egypt
Sid Educational Services India
Makita USA
Rota trianing Turkey
Conga institute South Africa
E2arab /The  Arab Center For online services المركز العربي للخدمات الالكترونية UAE